The Sculptor

Mike O'Connor has spent his career working within Formula One, and is passionate about the V8 and V10 era cars. 

As an owner/driver himself Mike can be found on track at Historic F1 Events around Europe, and the US West Coast. 

His highly successful inaugural exhibition at Dadiani Fine Art of Cork Street, Mayfair, was extended for an unprecedented seven weeks, and sold out in the summer of 2017. 

Mike creates the sculptures at his cottage workshop in Suffolk, each one from a complete race used F1 exhaust system, primarily those mounted to the infamous Ferrari 056 engine. A perfectly balanced V8 that revved to 19,000rpm and made the noise we all now miss from F1. 

Outside of the industry it is little known that an exhaust system is often a "Race Consumable", therefore a piece can often be traced back to where and by whom it was used. 

Deliberately reflecting the shape of a musical instrument, the pieces are a homage to the beautiful noise the inconel pipework originally created. 


The work has been featured in The Sunday Times "How to Spend it" supplement, The Week, Formula Life Magazine, Private Motor Club, GQ, Octane, and Boat International.

Described by Jonathan Schultz of "The Drive": 

"It can be seen as Protest Art, against the disappearance of the noise which made Formula One what it once was. I believe craftsmanship must be at the heart of all great art and these pieces are examples of the finest craftsmanship" 

The Week: 

"Art Lovers will appreciate the tactic nod to the automotive obsessions of the early 20th century Italian Futurists, to whose sculptures these [pieces] bear an uncanny resemblance"